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Trends presentations and workshops to help you embrace the very latest marketing landscapes shaping Higher Education – from institution and curriculum design through to student recruitment and retention; and from brand development to research profiling, fundraising and alumni engagement. Perfect as a kickstart to future planning, for an away day or conference, and including a workshop element to help generate new solutions to take away. Recent sessions have included:

Digital Marketing Landscapes: The latest digital and social media trends and how they are impacting on every moment of the student journey. Inspirational examples from around the world of how to embrace the new opportunities. Both from HE and the wider consumer world.

International Horizons: A fast-paced look at what universities and business schools are doing to attract international students. Featured institutions have included those from the USA, Canada, UK, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, South Korea and Japan. Plus what can be learned from other sectors, including travel and tourism.

Future Student 2025: Just what does the student of the future want? What can you anticipate they need? What makes them tick and how do you get through to them?

Learning 2025: From flipped classrooms and YouTube to VR and Alternate Reality learning scenarios. What the new teaching and learning landscape looks like, how technology and the demands of employers and students is changing it, and what we can expect in the future.

Portfolio Springboards: Bespoke presentations to help identify the latest developments and new opportunities across of a range of faculties, schools and courses. Recent examples have included business, law, global studies, health, engineering, history and social sciences.

Research Profiling: Just what are the best examples out there? What can be learned from industry and others? A look at how institutions are finding new ways to promote their research excellence.

Fundraising 2025: Inspiration from around the world, including from universities and business schools in the USA, Canada, Australia and UK, as well as from charities including Oxfam, Unicef and Cancer Research.

Campus 2030: A global tour of the new buildings, infrastructures and technology shaping the future campus. From new iBeacon grids and ‘sticky’ enterprise hubs to spaces dedicated for teaching development and co-creation.