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Future Comms: Drinking from Billboards

Posted on Apr 9, 2013


This idea from Peru really made us sit up. It’s a story of how the needs of UTEC University in Lima and its local community converged so brilliantly. The university needed to sell itself to students and wanted to showcase its engineering prowess. Meanwhile, the local community struggled to get enough drinking water. After all, this is a part of the world where rainfall is virtually zero. The answers to everything came in the shape of UTEC’s advertising billboard. A billboard that sucked in the 98% atmospheric humidity and converted it to drinking water. Thousands of litres of it. A billboard that proudly displays the message ‘We will continue changing the world through engineering.’

If you ever want some inspiration into how you can really bring your brand to life, to demonstrate what you are really good at, and how you can make a difference, then watch this. Click on the image below for the case study from the agency behind it all, Mayo DRAFTFCB – The video says it all.

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To learn more about how it all works, take a look at Techland. We are told that applications for engineering courses increased significantly in 2013. Peru will soon have more engineers to change the world.

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    17th July 2013

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