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Future Index: Our new Academy

Posted on Sep 26, 2013


We are launching the Future Index Academy as part of our mission to make higher education marketing brilliant! As you will see from our 30+ blog posts, our tweets, and our conference platforms, we are strong advocates for why marketing should be central to the higher education institutions of the future. Marketing should be top-table. Marketing should not just be about communication but about the strategic shaping of an offer. After all, marketing is about meeting, and anticipating, the needs of the audience right?

So, it’s time for a little self-promotion.

Our Future Index Academy will provide inspiration days for a new generation of marketers to get together to network, spark off each other, learn about the wider world, embrace best practice and harness the latest trends to connect with the students of today and tomorrow.

The Future Index Academy is designed to soak up the latest global trends in higher and executive education marketing. To scan the horizon for new institutions, opportunities, threats and ways of doing things. To explore the latest communication platforms and absorb the wider context. This involves going beyond the world of education to get inspiration from the best of consumer marketing. Looking at the latest trends and breakthrough ideas from ASOS to Starbucks and L’Oreal to Red Bull. All so relevant to education target audiences.

A fusion of workshop, presentation and masterclass all rolled into one day sessions, the Future Index Academy has been designed to inspire and fast-track the next wave of great ideas and talent in education marketing.

More than that, the Future Index Academy is a community to be part of. A network of like-minded marketers. A career booster. A chance to learn, develop and make an impact. To put marketing at the heart of an institution. To make marketing brilliant. And connect with the students of today and tomorrow on a whole new level.

You can learn more about the Future Index Academy by clicking here.

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