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7 Wonders of the HE Digital World

Posted on Mar 20, 2014

We look at lots and lots of websites in the Higher Education world. We look at lots of apps. Lots of digital stuff generally. And sometimes, we see things that we just sit back and think ‘now that is beautiful.’ So here’s 7 wonders out of the many we have filed away.

One: Drexel University – Get Going Today


This is a campaign site aimed at inspiring potential students that need an extra push to ‘get going’ and apply. It’s not like anything else we’ve seen. It’s more like a cinema experience. In fact, the site is made up of about 16 videos playing in the background. Music plays a major role too, so turn up your speakers. Everything about this site is emotive. And we love the line ‘Inside all of us is a wild thing’ !


Two: Champlain College – Main Website


Whilst there are lots of excellent scrolling parallax sites out there now, this one does it beautifully. Stunning, full screen, and interesting images that do a high-res tablet justice, mixed with creatively designed features. You just want to scroll and click around.


Three: Norwich University of the Arts – Main Site


It’s hard to beat the beauty of a university’s student output, especially when the work is so creative. From what we can see, this site showcases student creativity as the main backdrop to everything. Talk about showcasing the brand! Stunning and so very authentic.


Four: Bates College – Main Site


The beauty of this site isn’t necessarily in the full screen images. Although they are usually rather special. The beauty is in the fact that they change so regularly, reflecting the day to day work of the college, its staff and students. The college has made the leap and created a fascinating medium of story-telling. And because the stories change so regularly, the site seems different every time you visit. An inspiration in developing a ‘go to’ destination.


Five: University of Chester – Art & Design Degree Show


This ‘Unlucky 13’ degree show was showcased online as a virtual tour. Full screen, high resolution images, alongside 360 degree navigation make it a tour of beauty. You can even watch videos on screens within the tour itself. Yet again, the UK degree show concept produces some amazing creativity.


Six: University of Nevada, Reno – Main Site


Ok so the jury may be out on the technique of playing full screen video immediately on a website. We’e heard the pros and cons. But there is no denying that if it is done well, then it can look pretty special. This site does it very well! A backdrop video tells the university story from different angles. Movement adds energy to the experience. Plus you get to see everything from the sports team to the international projects the university takes part in. On top of this, the site offers some excellent features to explore, notably a personal tour that you can design in seconds.


Seven: Caltech – Main Site


One of the best universities in the world should have one of the finest websites. Well, this one from the California Institute of Technology does a pretty good job! It’s straight to the point – promoting the story content, the invention, research, and sheer cleverness of the place. The scrolling parallax is simple and attractive. It looks great on a tablet. And, of course, just as the stories update so the site changes appearance. Another site you can visit again and again and get something different from it every time.


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