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Hacking Higher Ed: The Report

Posted on Oct 9, 2015
Hacking Higher Ed: The Report

The #CASEhack kicked off at the 2015 CASE European Conference in Manchester. So what was it all about? Well, our key goal was to prove just what could be achieved with a mix of skills, a ‘can-do’ attitude and a huge amount of energy, in little more than a day. Our brief was to bring to life the concept and mechanics of a digital prospectus for a fictional university. In 8 hours we did just that, complete with visuals, virtual reality and a living plan on the walls. The report walks through how we did it, and offers some insight into how to get the best out of a session like this. You’ll see how virtual reality brought an Arctic campus to life; how we created a personalised entry point; how sound could add a new dimension; and how course timelines offered greater depth to our message. Click here for immediate free access to the report.


#CASEhack was led by a unique collaboration of digital agency SMILE and the Future Index trends consultancy. We enjoyed the adventure. We hope you will too.

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