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Have Samsung Just Tested The Future of Education?

Posted on May 12, 2016
Have Samsung Just Tested The Future of Education?

Recently Samsung put 27 people through their virtual paces, providing them with VR training sessions to overcome some of their biggest challenges. Drawn from thousands of people worldwide, these ‘students’ were given Gear VR headsets to take away for 4 weeks to learn how to overcome common fears, such as of heights and public speaking. Check out Sasha Miasnikova’s story of how she tackled her fear of heights, from the safety of her VR headset:


There’s been some interesting results. There are claims that after 2 weeks, 87.5% of people had recorded average anxiety reduction levels of 23.6%. But what we find most interesting is the idea that modern technology can immerse us so deeply in any kind of learning scenario. Maybe we’ll remember the #BeFearless ad campaign as a big step in the future of education. Or, maybe it will be just another ad campaign. Exciting times ahead!

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