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Four to Inspire More: Stand Out Storytelling in Higher Education

Posted on Aug 25, 2016
Four to Inspire More: Stand Out Storytelling in Higher Education

We recently held our very first Future Index Summit and shared 16 examples of HE Marketing that inspired us in 2016 so far. 16 from 16. So here’s a sample for you – 4 to inspire so much more. Will these storytelling ideas trigger your own thinking?

Open University – Life Changing Stories

As more and more institutions (and brands) tell stories by video it’s becoming increasingly important to generate the emotive response to really capture people’s attention. The Open University’s ‘Life-Changing Learning’ adverts did this really well, sharing scenes of mature students juggling their studies with their busy lives. It’s hard not to watch these and feel drawn in. This is the kind of storytelling that big brands such as Guinness have mastered; it’s great to see Higher Education following suit.

Deakin University – #DeakinAbroad

Deakin’s promotion of its Study Abroad experiences prove just how simple – and relatively low cost – great student communications can be. Over 3,000 Instagram photos now populate the scroll on the web page, as students continue to share just what #DeakinAbroad is all about.

Plymouth University – Success

Any university graduation video that gets over 50,000 You Tube views, plus thousands more on Facebook, deserves some attention. This video captured many of the recent trends really well – photo led video, filters, big typography, motivational statements, and feel-good music. All reasonably short and definitely emotive. Definitely one for the Instagram-generation and one to get inspiration from.

University of Manchester – Poetry in Motion

The University of Manchester combined the poetry of their new Chancellor Lemn Sissay with some excellent filming and production to create this stand-out video. A deserved  CASE Circle of Excellence Gold winner and  proof of the power and emotion that can exist within a University story – if told the right way. Inspire and be inspired!

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